Kennel Bella Luna English Springer Spaniels


Kennel Bella Luna English Springer Spaniels was born from the love for a girl named “Emelia May Rose" and grew to the passion of wanting to breed quality dogs for Family, Show, Hunt and Agility. I purchased Emelia in August of 2010 never realizing that she would change my life.  Her petite package and drive to please started my love for this breed.  She became the glue that held my heart and created the desire to become a breeder. 


Having a mentor for the last 5 years gave me the opportunity to educate myself on what it means to be a quality breeder. But now in 2017 I have made the decision to fly solo. My goal will continue to always provide families with hand raised, gentle, attentive, and easy to train Springer Spaniels.  This is a hobby, not a business.  The dogs are a part of my family. They are not in kennels or runs, they have 5 acres of beautiful Minnesota country side to run and train on.


 My foundation bitch Emelia, along with my first full European male, Maculato Stivali “Boone” (pictured above) helped make a dream become a reality. The combination of the two, their mild temperaments, willingness to please, wonderful family companions and natural beauty had me hooked. They started my desire to "buy only the best" to help make what is now Kennel Bella Luna English Springer Spaniels.